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Be Heard: The #1 Job of Every Commercial on Tampa Radio

May 2, 2019 6:32:24 AM / by Larry Julius

The number one job of a radio commercial is  not  to sell products for the sponsoring Tampa Bay small business owner. 

The number one job is not to build store traffic or to create top of mind of awareness.

The number one job of a radio commercial is not to build brand or deliver ROI.

The number one job of every commercial on Tampa radio is to be heard. Period. When a commercial is heard, then all the rest will follow. But being heard is not easy.

At the exact second a radio commercial begins, 11,000,000 other pieces of information are all wrestling for the listener's attention.  Sadly, a consumer's brain is only capable of dealing with about 50 bits of that information at a time.

If you are a local business owner who would like to secure a larger share of the $54.1 billion Tampa Bay radio listeners will spend this year, then what you say first in your commercial is crucial to winning the battle for a consumer's ear.

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How Does A Tampa Bay Business Stay Top of Mind?

Apr 4, 2019 6:35:00 AM / by Larry Julius

It's a fact. Unless a consumer remembers your business when it comes time to buy, then it is likely they will purchase from someone else. Staying top of mind, therefore, is critical for every Tampa small business owner who wants to grab a share of the area's $54-billion retail market.

Advertising on Tampa radio provides local business owners with the most affordable way to move to the top of customers' minds. But, before discussing how to get remembered, we must understand why consumers forget.

Every second, Tampa Bay consumers are exposed to 11,000,000 pieces of data. A consumer's brain, however, is only capable of dealing with about 50 pieces of this data at a time. So, if my calculus is correct, a consumer forgets approximately 10,999,950 things every second.

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