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Online Advertising In Tampa Bay: How Much Do Local Businesses Spend?

Dec 15, 2020 8:23:05 AM / by Larry Julius

Over 95% of Tampa Bay adults have access to the internet, according to Nielsen. Almost 65% of these consumers spend more than five hours a week connected.

Nielsen reports that Tampa Bay consumers go online to stay connected to friends and family; research products and services; learn the latest news, and obtain directions to where they are going and know what the weather will be when they get there.  

Here are some of the many reasons why Tampa Bay internet users go online each month

  • Social Media: 75%
  • Online Banking: 53%
  • Weather: 51%
  • Maps/Directions: 46%
  • Product Reviews: 39%
  • Current Events: 31%
  • Restaurant Reviews: 30%
  • Sports Scores/News: 26%
  • Job Search: 16%
  • Real Estate: 12%

And, of course, there is shopping.  Over the past three months, according to Nielsen, 76.7% of Tampa Bay consumers shopped online for every imaginable product and service including, cars, golf clubs, office supplies, wedding rings, mattresses, tires, medicine, shoes, socks, and eyeglasses.

To reach local consumers while they are online, Tampa area businesses will spend $706 million for digital advertising in 2020, according to Borrell Associates.  Here is how the money is being spent:

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Marketing During The Corona Crisis: Advice For Tampa Small Businesses

Apr 7, 2020 10:06:21 AM / by Larry Julius

In 'normal' times, Tampa Bay consumers would be expected to rack up $54 billion in annual retail sales. Of course, since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, nothing has been normal.

But as Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, explained to members of the Tampa Bay small business community via teleconference, consumers are still spending. This, it turns out, is normal.

Mr. Borrell shared research from Ibis that demonstrates during every type of crisis, including depressions, recessions, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and, now, pandemics, consumers still spend.

The business literature contains an abundance of examples of how continuing to market and advertise during an economic crisis can help a company survive and emerge from the episode even stronger than before.

Tampa Bay small business owners who do continue to advertise and market, however, should consider modifying their pre-crisis strategy.

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